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Welcome to the Inclusfit Blog

Welcome to the new and improved blog from Inclusfit. We will be sharing all our new blog posts here!

If you would like to view our old blog, please go to InclusFit – Disability Fitness and Sport

There is different blogs on there. So pop over and check it out.

But for those that do not know me, i am Sam, and i have been a qualified fitness professional since August 2013. I am highly qualified and am a presenter and speaker. I have recently just qualified as a tutor and i tutor the courses i have a qualification in but the one im passionate about tutoring is the Level 3 Designing Exercise Programmes for Disabled Clients. If you are Disabled and work with a fitness professional, they need to have this qualification, if not their insurance is invalid. Meaning if something happens, they cannot claim, as they cannot provide the certificate for this qualification.

My qualifications are:

Level 4 Exercise for Long Term Neurological Conditions.

Level 3 Exercise Referral

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 Designing Exercise Programmes for Disabled Clients

Level 3 Designing Exercise Programmes for Older Adults

Level 2 Gym

Level 2 Seated Exercise

Level 2 Fitness Pilates

Level 2 Childrens Fitness

If you would like to join one of my classes please contact me.

Social media: @inclusfit

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