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Lorraine Leaming

Ability Gym Sessions

Sam has been working with Rhys every week at the gym since November 2015. Due to his left sided hemiplegia he has a weak left leg, limited movement in his left arm and his left hand is bent in on itself.
Sam understands the difficulty Rhys has with some of the exercises, she is very patient but firm. Rhys has learnt not to say ``that was easy´´ in front of Sam.
She has helped Rhys achieve some of his goals in a very short time. As well as working towards new ones.
Every week he works hard at building the strength not only in his weaker left side but his whole body. His left leg has become much stronger, he is stretching his left arm above his head and is improving the use of his left hand.
I'm glad we found Sam, as well as a great trainer, she is an inspiration to Rhys, he can see the benefits of working hard, he listens and takes her comments seriously and always striving to improve week in, week out.


Online Member

live RockBox + Clubbercise Classes

I found Inclusfit online, it took me a long time to get in touch......I was very  nervous from previous experiences. I have Cerebral Palsy, and i struggled to find a class that fitted me. It is one of the best things i have  ever done for myself. Sam is friendly and knowledgeable. What a totally empowering experience. It has given me so much confidence and I'm inspired. Exercise that I can do....I want to be that strong. Am loving it and I look forward to every class. 

Becky Cann

Clubbercise Class

Cannot recommend this class enough! Its always great fun and such a laugh. I mean glow sticks in the dark.... What's not to love? Sam is an inspirational instructor and her attitude and determination to deliver a fantastic workout is infectious! Everyone needs to go!! :-)


Face to face & Online.

Zumba class regular

I've done Zumba for about 15 Years with many many different instructors but I love Sam's classes because the choreography is more interesting and i like the diverse music. The camaraderie is better than any other Zumba classes i been too. 


Online Member 

HIIT & RockBox

I Really enjoy Sam's classes. It is nice to find a class that includes everyone at all fitness levels. Even mine! 


Face to Face & Online Member

Zumba &HIIT

I like Sam's classes as I enjoy the routines  as they incorporate moves from different dance styles. Sam uses upbeat music and a friendly atmosphere from Sam that rubs  off / to participants with laughs and that feel good special factor. 

Vicki - Neuro PT Client
Vicki Has Cerebral Palsy

After only 6 months of doing PT with Sam, and the change in me is amazing. She has given me exercises to strengthen my core. overall it has improved my muscle memory which in turn has helped my balance, strength and given me increased movement . I am now on to standing exercises, which we did not imagine would happen to next year. 

General tasks have become much easier, i'm standing and sitting much better. Thanks Sam. 

Steve - Vicki's Husband, Carer + asissts our PT Sessions.

Sam has been the most knowledgeable PT we have used. 

We have seen more results with Sam within the past 6 months than we have the past 6 years with the previous 4 PTs. 

Sam understands Vicki's condition exactly with her own personal experience of living with CP. Because of this lived experience, Sam understands how Vicki's body moves & knows not to push her too early but knows when to push her the right way within Vicki's capabilities. 

Charly - You Tube Channel Viewer

I have been doing Sam's  exercises on her You Tube Channel. I have enjoyed the seated Fitness pilates and squat ones so far. I find them very easy to follow which is good for me and my autism. They are at my level and going to try 1 every day. 

I am really enjoying them. 

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