Covid 19 Online  Timetable 


7.30-8.15pm Rockbox on Zoom.

Please have spoons / kitchen Utensils for drumsticks. 


6-645pm Clubbercise on Zoom  

if no glow sticks, pens can be used if you want to hold something. 


6-7pm Zumba on Zoom


6-6.30pm InclusHIIT on Zoom.

30 min high intensity class that can be done stood up or sat down. 


6-6.45pm RockBox on Zoom.

you will need either: drumsticks or kitchen utensils/spoons - you will be hitting against each other. 



9.30-10.15am Zumba Toning on Zoom.

toning sticks, light weight, tins of beans or filled water bottles needed for the toning tracks.  

Online Pricing: 

£5 a class

£8.50 weekly  pass

£30 monthly pass 

Please fill in these forms before taking part if you have not done so already... Thanks